White hot cooking appliances from Smeg

Not sold on stainless steel? For those who prefer something different, Smeg is now offering white ovens, cooktops and rangehoods finished in glass and steel.

Smeg’s new white designs include the SCA110W white glass oven teamed with the semi-commercial PGFA75FSC five burner gas cooktop and its smoked glass K280 rangehood.

The SCA110W white oven has a futuristic control panel illumination and frameless doors. Back inside the oven, Smeg has included its thermoseal technology that seals the oven and ensures all the natural juices of the foods are retained while reducing the required cooking temperatures and times.

Cooks can experience nine cooking functions in the SCA110W, including fan forced and convection plus defrost plus full electronic controls and fully automatic and semi-automatic cooking.

The one piece door makes the cleaning process simple and the door is triple-glazed for safety. Each individual pane can also be removed for ease of maintenance.

The 72 cm wide flush-mounted PGFA75FSC meanwhile, in satin stainless steel, has front-mounted clear polycarbonate over stainless steel controls, a 15mj/hour wok burner (nice and powerful), two 6 mj/hour semi-rapid and two 4.8mj/hour auxiliary burners.

The Smeg K280 rangehood combines an inverted ‘wave-shaped’ sheet of smoked glass suspended from a shaft of satin stainless steel and will remove a nett amount of 770 cubic metres of air an hour almost silently.

The appliance is 90cm wide and features three 20 watt halogen lights, has four speeds, electronic controls (plus a remote control) and operates at a noise level of as low as 42 decibels.
These appliances, which are also available in black mirror glass and satin stainless steel finishes, retail for $2,590 each while the PGFA75FSC retails from about $2,190 and the K280 smoked glass rangehood for $3,490 RRP.