Why a business laptop needs high quality audio

Dynabook laptop

Quality audio is usually an afterthought when it comes to business laptops, but Dynabook is an exception. In a Dynabook business laptop, audio is every bit as important as CPU performance, memory, storage space, or any other part of the computer. That’s because Dynabook understands the value business users put on crystal clear, dependable audio – a value that has only increased in recent times.

Welcome to the age of Zoom

In our post-pandemic world, we’ve come to rely on remote meetings via video-sharing apps to get much of our collaborative work done. It has become vital that our work machines support the latest video and audio codecs and standards, so that when we take that Zoom call or Google Meet, it just works.

We don’t want any messing around with blurry speaker sound or microphones that won’t play nice with our webcams.

So when it comes to quality audio in a business laptop, it has to be about more than just really good speakers. Audio needs to be expertly engineered into the body of the laptop, so it works properly with everything else you need that laptop to do.

Why a Dynabook business laptop uses Harman Kardon

When it comes to engineered audio, Dynabook has an award-winning 20-year collaboration with audio legends Harman Kardon. This means the audio system in a Dynabook benefits from audio engineering expertise and focus.

As an example, the Dynabook Portege X30W-J features a dedicated ‘speaker box’ within the laptop. This means rather than having speakers jammed in wherever there’s space, the laptop is designed so the speakers and amplifiers can work at their best. That means taking guidance from and using the innovations of a dedicated audio company like Harman Kardon.

Naturally, the Harman Kardon audio system, whether it be in the ultra-portable Portégé X30W-J or a high-performance workhorse like the Tecra A50-J, provides crystal clear sound, and excellent separation between treble and bass. This is essential for clear speech in business calls… and just by the way, lets you enjoy movies and music on your ‘work’ laptop after hours too!

Why a Dynabook business laptop supports Dolby Atmos sound

The inclusion of Dolby Atmos sound is important for accessing the latest entertainment soundtacks, of course, but it also has a role to play in our new world of multi-participant video meetings. As a quick reminder: when Dolby Atmos is included with an entertainment audio package (such as a soundbar for your TV), extra speaker drivers facing upward can bounce audio off your ceiling and walls to create a more ‘3D surround’ experience.

It’s essentially a hemisphere of sound, instead of flat circular plane of sound around you. It sounds more natural, and depending on the content, can make some dialogue and effects easier to pick out from the general din.

This is where Dolby Atmos becomes relevant for a Dynabook business laptop too. Since Dolby Atmos is all about sound separation, and providing great depth and height of sound, it can help with Zoom meetings where lots of people are participating from lots of… shall we say “acoustically challenging” environments.

Some meeting apps allow multiple people to speak at once, and again, here Dolby Atmos helps separate those competing voices so you can follow along, no matter how heated the discussion gets!

Speak and be heard (clearly)

And it’s not just about other people. With dual noise-cancelling microphones, each with four metres of range, your own contributions to the conversation will be clear and distinct – or at least the audio will be!

Once again though, it’s worth pointing out that with Dolby Atmos on board, coupled with that Harman Kardon engineering, your Dynabook business laptop can effortlessly transform into a personal entertainment hub once all that annoying ‘work’ stuff is done with for the day.

Oh, and it’s not just about the laptop’s own internal speakers. The Harman Kardon engineering extends to all the audio components, including the headphone amplifier. This means your Dynabook business laptop pairs perfectly with a set of quality headphones, for high-fidelity listening. Or if you want to keep things free and easy, use Bluetooth with a set of wireless earbuds – they sound great too, because this aspect of audio hasn’t been forgotten. 

Why audio on a Dynabook business laptop is different

All laptop manufacturers claim their flagship models have incredible audio, and some have collaborations with audio companies too. But Dynabook offers a different take by refusing to give audio the status of ‘bonus feature’ in its business laptops.

Quality audio in a Dynabook business laptop is as important to the overall construction of the machine as the design of the casing itself. In fact, the design of the case is informed by the engineering needs of the audio system.

As both Dynabook and Harman Kardon agree, it’s one thing to have quality components such as speakers, amplifiers, and microphones, but if they aren’t integrated into the laptop case in a way that’s acoustically sympathetic, then the quality of those components is wasted.

Free your sound

In models such as the Tecra A40-J and the Portégé X30W-J, the casing is designed in such a way that audio can escape the enclosure without distortion. What’s more, given the power of the Harman Kardon drivers inside, they need to be properly designed and isolated from other sensitive components.

This doesn’t just prevent damage, it extends the life of your laptop.

Really though, it all comes back to that 20-year collaboration with Harman Kardon – and let’s not forget Dolby. There’s a lot more to the relationship than just including the latest feature set. Dolby works with technology partners, including Dynabook, to ensure users are getting what they need from audio.

By using dedicated audio components engineered specifically for their laptops, backed by clever design and the latest in software, Dynabook business laptops provide you with an audio experience that starts in the workplace… but can go as far as you want to take it.

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