This week, Apple announced not one, but two new iPhones, in a yearly announcement that used to make people want to rush out and spend on the latest thing. But that didn’t happen this time, and now it appears as if Apple isn’t doing as much of what innovators do best: innovating.

Upon first glance, the new iPhones are exactly what people want, and what have been rumoured for some time. They’re sleek, stylish, and feature that finesse in design that only Apple can give to its products. The operating system that’s heading to iPhones has been worked on and now looks more modern and better than ever, and for all intents and purposes, these are iPhones that have evolved from where Steve Jobs and his creative crew first started the idea in 2007.

That was an important move, too. The 2007 iPhone was unique because there were other smartphones in the market, but none of them really made the world go “wow, I have to get myself one of those.”

The iPhone did it, and it kept doing it in such a way that it challenged other manufacturers to work harder, creating devices that were better and took the fight directly to Apple.

Google’s Android operating system has helped that, and because of its price – free – it’s now one of the most used operating systems around the world. In terms of market share, Android dominates, and there have been over one billion devices running Android that have been activated.

Devices are getting better too, and it’s now about the hardware, with companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony, and LG, to name but a few, all creating products that are about more than just the OS they run, but are about the experience, customising the look and feel of Android, while pushing the hardware to new levels.

And it’s here we find ourselves at Apple, and why people are down on the brand.

You see, before the world caught up, Apple had something awesome to show at its iPhone briefings.

The speakers would invite the world, make a quip here and there about the competition, and then leave every jaw open at the sort of ways technology could be used in consumer devices. Console gaming power in your hands. A video chat system that not only worked, but one you’d want to use. A screen that was so good, it surpassed what the human eye could see and made text and images jump off the page.

But not this year.

No, this year Apple feels like it has stalled, and while the rest of the world has not only started catching up and has even begun to move on, Apple feels stuck.

One of these reasons is the lack of choice.

If you’re looking for a smartphone at the moment, you are spoiled for choice. There is just so much to pick from, and most of it, based on the reviews we’re doing, is pretty damn good.

Devices come in all shapes and sizes, from 3 inches to 6 inches and even beyond, and basically mean you can choose the size of the world you can take with you.