“This means that more of the screen can be viewed, and the few times you need to hit the button, it’s still there, but we have more gestures for getting around the device that pro users can rely on.”

Phil looks around the room, and jaws have dropped, which is exactly what he wants, and this is exactly what the world wants from Apple.

“There’s more in this device, such as the evolution of the iPhone 5 processor, reduced to 12 nanometres, storage choices of 64 and 128GB only, a 12 megapixel camera with the TrueTone flash resized to match the tiny size, and a battery capable of offering a day of life on Category 4 LTE connections, but we think the size and shape of the future will be what impresses you most, because the iPhone X is about feeling the future in your shirt or jeans pocket, and realising that it’s effortless.”

And the scenario ends, as the world sees a vision that Apple has created, a benchmark that pushes itself ahead of everyone. Even if an iPhone X had cost more – twice or three times as much – there are people that would have purchased it.

Not just the fanboys, but those keen to get a taste of the future ahead of everyone else.

It’s a fiction, because Apple did no such this thing year, bringing in updates that most users won’t see as worthy to upgrade to, and may even push them the other direction, to another manufacturer and another operating system.

But imagine if Apple had. Imagine if Apple had reinvented itself by trying something no one saw coming.

If Apple had reinvented the iPhone, people would be less down on Apple.


Screen grabs pulled from Apple’s podcast on the iPhone announcement.