We use a tone generator to see the original signature of the speaker. We measure this via a frequency response meter. There are tone generators for Window, Android, macOS and iOS.

Here is a YouTube tester

BUT, in deference to all reviewers who may have better ears than I,  here are the tracks I always use

The Blue Brothers Peter Gunn Theme

Those magnificent trumpets over a deep, bass, backbeat – Just the facts ma’am! I could listen to Blues Brother Jazz all day long.

Next track is the Beach Boys Fun, Fun, Fun

It is a vocal track with electric guitars and synthesiser behind it.

Finally, Manhattan Transfer Twilight Zone

It mixes voice and heavy bass as well as using the complete directional sound stage. Here is a 432kHz version (almost high res).

GadgetGuy’s take – a sound signature is the best guide to what speakers sound like

If you describe food, you could say salty, sweet, bitter, sour, soft, hard, mushy, like chicken etc.

Avoid any reviews that simply talk about their favourite tracks. I hope you can see that its all a science!

Sound is a very important category at GadgetGuy so we hope this helps you understand how you can rely on our reviews.