Why the bloody hell should you trust Kaspersky – part II


Kaspersky has been the victim of a lot of mud-slinging including President Donald Trump signing legislation banning the use of Kaspersky Labs products in all U.S. government, civilian and military agencies.

Back in June, we wrote “Why the bloody hell should you trust Kaspersky” (article here and it is a good background read) and we advised that you should not trust ANY company, especially one that has system level access to computing devices! Trust is somethingyou earn.

Well, Kaspersky has taken some extraordinary steps to earn trust including a Global Transparency Initiative in a neutral country, Switzerland.

Switzerland is among the world’s top locations regarding the number of secure internet servers available, and it has an international reputation as an innovative centre for data processing and high-quality IT infrastructure. Being in the heart of Europe and, at the same time, a non-EU member, it has established its data privacy regulation that is guaranteed by the state’s constitution and federal laws. Also, there are strict regulations on processing data requests received from authorities.

Well, the Transparency Centre has opened in Zurich. And Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the Russian company that bears his name looks a whole lot more relaxed.

Why the bloody hell should you trust Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO Kaspersky Lab said:

Transparency is becoming the new normal for the IT industry and the cybersecurity industry. We are proud to be on the front line of this process. As a technological company, we are focused on ensuring the best IT infrastructure for the security of our products and data, and the relocation of key parts of our infrastructure to Switzerland places them in one of the most secure locations in the world.

The promises made in our Global Transparency Initiative are coming to fruition, enhancing the resilience and visibility of our products. Through the new Transparency Centre – a first in the cybersecurity industry – also in Switzerland, trusted partners and governments will be able to see external reviews of our products and make up their minds. We believe that steps such as these are just the beginning – for the company and the security industry. The need to prove trustworthiness will soon become an industry standard.”

GadgetGuy’s take. Great move Eugene

Sure, all its Russian employees want to live there – the land of ski resorts, numerous lakes, alpine villages, Swiss watches and chocolate. But the Transparency Centre serves a greater purpose.

As General Manager of Kaspersky ANZ, Margrith Appleby said,

Privacy is a fundamental right for all businesses and consumers. Kaspersky Lab is a company that sits high on its values of fair dealing, customer protection and public safety. Our first transparency centre is a program designed to build better trust in information security, and we are proud to be leading this global initiative.

Why the bloody hell should you trust Kaspersky? Well guilty people don’t go to such lengths to prove innocence. Yes, its safe to use Kaspersky Labs products.