Why your next TV should be Samsung Neo QLED

Samsung qled neo

Why settle for old-school? Neo QLED is Samsung’s latest TV technology, and a Neo QLED Smart TV packs an amazing amount of future tech into a unit that’s slim where it counts, and big where it matters.

With Samsung’s innovative Mini LED backlights, big-screen entertainment never looked so amazing. And there’s a Neo QLED to suit your life, with a range from 50 inches all the way up to an epic 98-inch masterpiece. Ultra crisp 4K is standard, but you can also choose from range of 8K TVs, and take the next step in entertainment fidelity.

Samsung Neo QLED in depth

First, the technical stuff! Neo QLED is a leap forward in TV technology that starts with Samsung’s unique Quantum Matrix Mini LED backlights. Each is one a mere 1/40th the size of LEDs in Samsung’s excellent QLED TV range1, so your Neo QLED TV has more backlights, which in turn means more dimming zones for finer control and gradation of brightness.

Samsung’s QLED technology already produces amazingly crisp and accurate colour and contrast, but Neo QLED takes things to the next level. Think of it as Samsung’s no-holds-barred, no-compromise flagship tech.

Of course, Neo QLED isn’t just about backlighting. It’s a whole smart TV system, including astonishing 8K panels on the top units, which also produce lifelike colour, naturally!2 The visuals on the screen are supported by the elegant design style of Neo QLED TVs, which are slim and support sophisticated wall mount systems to integrate into your room and decor.

For wall-mounting, or any minimalist setup, selected Neo QLED TVs also take advantage of Samsung’s Slim One Connect Box, to keep those cables out of sight and out of mind3 – more on One Connect below!

Neo QLED TVs also pack amazing audio capabilities, with clever Object Tracking Sound that follows objects on the screen4, and SpaceFit Sound, which is designed to automatically calibrate audio to suit the size of your room.5

Still, it really does come back to those incredible screens. And when it comes to Neo QLED the advice is: GO BIG!

Big screen benefits with Samsung Neo QLED

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that life with a really big TV is just better. However, some big screens 75 inches or larger, can start to look washed-out, grainy, or just a little flat. This can often be the result of the backlighting system struggling to cover so much real estate. Neo QLED, on the other hand, excels at really big displays because it uses such tiny backlighting LEDs, and so many of them.

You might have heard that it’s best to match the size of the TV to the room you’ll watch it in, and that’s still true to an extent – but you should always go as big as possible. Bigger – especially over 75 inches – can give you a far more immersive, cinematic experience. You’ll find yourself drawn in to the action and focusing on your content, rather than on the edges of the TV.

A really big display will also help you make the most of upcoming native 8K content, and content that has been upscaled from 4K to 8K.6 A big screen TV makes the difference in clarity and detail between 4K and 8K really obvious. You won’t want to go back!

Big-screen TVs don’t need to be relegated to a dark media room either (though that can be an awesome option too). With anti-glare coatings on the surface of the display, Neo QLED big-screen TVs can look amazing, even in huge rooms full of natural light. But remember – you don’t have to miss out on a big screen just because you don’t have a massive room. Going big now means no regrets later.

Samsung Neo QLED gets help from AI

Neo QLED takes TV tech in some unexpected directions, including using AI and machine learning to help make your content look even more amazing than you thought possible.

The AI functionality in Neo QLED TVs recognises the type of content you’re watching – say, classic movies versus motorsport – and tweaks picture settings to make it look its best. That might mean boosting colour, adjusting contrast, or smoothing motion so you don’t miss a thing in a high-action scene. And the powerful Neo Quantum Processor ensures it all happens seamlessly, on the fly.

With older films that have been transferred to digital, sometimes colour and contrast can be lacking. Neo QLED’s AI analysis will recognise that older content is playing and dynamically tweak colour and contrast during the film, so you get to see the detail the (probably very famous) director intended.7

When it comes to 8K, there’s limited native content available right now (though it is available on YouTube and more is coming!). But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy clarity and detail like 8K today. Thanks to AI upscaling and image processing, 4K content can look absolutely incredible. The system is smart enough to improve some HD content too. Bottom line: your entertainment won’t be held back by your TV.

More than technology: Samsung Neo QLED and style

As we mentioned earlier, Neo QLED smart TVs use Samsung’s One Design and NeoSlim styling philosophy. That means minimalist everything: from bezel, to back, to stand, even the cords. The idea is to give you that feeling of falling into the picture, without fear of catching on the edge of your TV.

Infinity One Design emphasises the idea of the TV just floating in your space. When you put it on a stand, the minimalist loo blends with any decor. And the Slim-Fit Wall Mount (included with Neo QLED 8K models) allows some models to fit almost flush against the wall, standing out only a few millimetres. Now that’s minimalism!

We mentioned cables: nothing ruins a meticulous wall mount or elegant stand like a bunch of black cables snaking out of the TV. Samsung’s Slim Attachable One Connect puts all the connectivity – think HDMI, USB, optical, and even the power cable – on the back of a separate box you can hide in a cabinet. The One Connect attaches to the TV itself via a single cable. This doesn’t just make wall mounting super clean, it means you can put your stand-mounted TV almost anywhere.8

Sounds like a match: Samsung Neo QLED and Q Series soundbars

All of Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs come with great sound, made greater by tech like Object Tracking Sound and SpaceFit. But this audio tech also integrates seamlessly with Samsung’s Q Series soundbars.

These soundbars use the same design philosophy as Neo QLED TVs, so they’re a perfect visual match, whether that’s beneath the TV stand, or wall-mounted below the TV. But they also boost Neo QLED’s sound to truly cinematic levels – maybe beyond!

Combine a really big screen with a Q Series soundbar with its support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and you can experience next-generation ‘3D sound’. Q Series soundbars include upward-firing drivers that bounce audio off your ceiling and walls to create a hemisphere of sound all around you. It’s an incredibly immersive experience.

Add to that Object Tracking Sound, which will centre audio on specific things on the TV – say, a galloping horse carrying our brave hero – and shift the focus of the audio as the horse moves from left to right on the screen.9

It’s more than just multichannel panning, it’s an algorithmically constructed audio object.

Then to round out the experience, there’s Samsung’s Q-Symphony. Usually when you use a soundbar with a TV, the TV’s speakers are muted automatically. But Neo QLED TVs have speakers at the top and sides, which are useful for adding extra detail, especially with Object Tracking Sound.

Q-Symphony then allows your Neo QLED TV and Q Series soundbar to share audio between the speakers on the soundbar and the TV, to get the most out of your content’s audio track. After all, you’ve paid for those excellent TV speakers, why not use them?

Neo QLED TV range

Of course, Neo QLED provides the signature brilliant Quantum Dot colour performance of Samsung QLED technology, and all the smart TV goodness you’d expect. You’ll enjoy a fast, sleek interface, loads of built-in streaming apps, thoughtful user features such as a single remote to drive all your connected equipment, plus voice control and wireless connectivity, including Apple AirPlay2.

And when you’re ready for Neo QLED, there is plenty of choice. The 8K models (QN900A, QN800A, QN700A) provide 65-98 inch screens, and the 4K models (QN90A, QN80A, QN85A, QN70A, QN60A) add 50 and 55 inch options.

1. Compared to QLED Q80A. Picture quality will vary depending on quality and resolution of source content.

2. Native 8K content availability is very limited. Picture quality of upscaled content will vary depending on the quality and resolution of source content.

3. Cable connects to external devices through the One Connect Box.

4. The quality of sound effects may vary depending on the source content, installation and environmental characteristics (eg. ceiling).

5. Audio quality varies based on source content, installation and environmental characteristics (eg. ceiling). Screen image simulated for illustrative purposes.

6. Viewing experience may vary according to the type of content, format and source. Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode.

7. Viewing experience may vary according to the type of content, format and source. Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode.

8. Cable connects to external devices through the One Connect Box.

9. Audio quality varies based on source content, installation and environmental characteristics (eg. ceiling). Screen image simulated for illustrative purposes.