WiFi to get a little help from a friend at Western Digital

One of the more irritating issues with wireless networking is that you can never quite get the range to go through your entire house. We know because it’s not just you: we struggle with it too. But a new device from WD aims to help alleviate these problems.

Heading to stores in early November, the WD My Net WiFi Range Extender is a small box that boosts a wireless signal with a multiple input and output (MIMO) antenna, pushing out more wireless N connectivity at the best speed possible inside a household.

“Today‚Äôs home is filled with multiple WiFi connected devices simultaneously streaming movies, music and TV shows,” said Western Digital’s Scott Vouri. “The My Net WiFi Range Extender provides faster speeds at greater distances, enabling HD streaming to the outermost areas of the home.”

The box is compatible with pretty much every wireless standard, dating back to 802.11 b, and includes the popular g and n technologies, even supporting the very latest 802.11 ac technology, if you need it.

Western Digital has tried to make setup as east as possible, doing away with CDs or the need to install software, requiring only a router with a WPS button to connect your current wireless device with the WiFi Range Extender you’re setting up a room or two away.

If you’re using it next to a TV, printer, or desktop computer, the Range Extender also features a Gigabit Ethernet port, allowing you to skip using WiFi, which is especially useful if your device doesn’t support it.

WD’s My Net WiFi Range Extender should hit stores in the next few weeks, where it will retail for $149 RRP.