Will Samsung make a coffee pod machine?

The coffee appliance game is worth a lot of money. So much that this year, Breville, a company that has been making proper coffee machines for years, has announced that it’s partnering up with Nespresso and will release pod machines.

But Samsung is a big company too, and last week at the Samsung Forum, we decided to find out if coffee machines were a part of its appliance-related plan.

Speaking to Samsung’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Digital Appliances, Choong Ro Lee, we were told that basically, the answer is no, at least for now.

When asked if Samsung would enter coffee machines, he said that “[Samsung] wasn’t in that environment yet.”

“We know that we can offer better benefits to the consumers from our current products,” said Mr. Lee, “such as refrigerators and washing machines.”

In the past few years, we’ve certainly seen Samsung make a heavy impact on the smartphone world, and the Galaxy brand now rates as one of the more recognisable in that market. Likewise, Nespresso is now one of the biggest names in small appliances thanks to the popularity of its encapsulated coffee machines around the globe.

Given these two brands and gadgets, we’re surprised Samsung hasn’t yet set its sights on the coffee market, and from the sound of things, that won’t be happening for a while yet.



Leigh D. Stark travelled to Samsung Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia as a guest of Samsung Australia