Will Sony show off the PlayStation 4 in February?

Sick of that PlayStation 3 yet? Good, because there’s a nice rumour suggesting that there will be a new member of the PlayStation family announced within the next few weeks.

The PlayStation 3 has been on the market for over six years, and now could be the right time for Sony to announce a follow-up, especially since many in the industry expected it last year.

For now, the announcement of the PlayStation 4 in February is a rumour, although it’s one that looks to be spearheaded by Sony itself, with the company running a website from its American division, pre-announcing that on February 20 at 6PM EST – or February 21 10AM in Sydney (AEST) – Sony will be making some sort of announcement about a PlayStation-related product.

While the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June is traditionally the place where such things would normally be announced, it wouldn’t surprise us to see Sony jump ahead and show off its latest console, especially since Microsoft is expected to show off the Xbox 360 successor this year as well.

All we can say is stay tuned. We’ll keep you up to date the moment we know more.