Will we soon see The Beatles on iTunes?

A long running dispute that started in 1978 could soon be settled with computer and iPod maker Apple Inc and famed record label Apple Corp finally coming to an agreement. Maybe.

Court cases have come and gone over the years, but the record label responsible for the catalogue of Beatles music has always been pretty closed off when it comes to working with the makers of the iPod. With both companies named “Apple,” there was bound to be some annoyance and confusion.

One of the many issues resulting from this was no Beatles albums on the iTunes store, with Apple Corp (the record label for the Beatles) refusing to allow any music on a network controlled by Apple Inc (the company that makes the iMac and iPod).

All of that, however, looks to be coming to a halt with a possible deal being signed that would get Beatles music on the iTunes network.

Meanwhile, Apple has sent out word that there will be an event this week, making us wonder if these two events could be connected.

We’ll let you know later this week.