Win a TP-Link Tapo Smart Home Automation Pack!


Step into the future of home automation with this Matter-compatible Smart Home Automation Pack from TP-Link! Valued at $278, the prize includes what you need to help make your home smarter and your life easier. 

Enhance your home’s security with the Tapo motion sensor, connect and manage devices seamlessly with the Smart IoT Hub, experience the convenience of controlling and monitoring appliances with Tapo’s Smart Plug, personalise your space with the colourful Smart Bulb, and keep an eye on everything with the advanced Tapo AI Home Security Camera. 

Don’t miss your chance to win this comprehensive smart home bundle and transform your living space into a tech-savvy haven. 

GadgetGuy & Tapo Smart Home Automation Pack

Why Matter makes home automation easy

Matter is revolutionising the way we experience smart home technology. As a unifying standard, Matter helps ensure that all your smart devices, regardless of brand, work together seamlessly. This compatibility simplifies setup, enhances reliability, and improves interoperability across different ecosystems.

The TP-Link Tapo Smart Home Automation Pack is fully Matter compatible, so you can enjoy hassle-free integration of devices and a truly interconnected home environment. This means no more struggling with multiple apps or compatibility issues — just straightforward, smart home control designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Prize pack inclusions

Here’s what’s included in the TP-Link Tapo giveaway bundle:

Tapo T100 – Smart Motion Sensor $35
This highly sensitive motion sensor detects movement in your home to provide extra convenience and safety. Enjoy lighting that automatically turns on when you enter a room, and experience enhanced security from smartphone notifications that alert you when unexpected motion is detected while you’re away from home.

Tapo T110 – Smart Contact Sensor $25
Attach the sensor to windows or doors to receive smartphone notifications when they are opened. Not just ideal for security, the Smart Contact Sensor helps automate at-home climate control, by allowing compatible HVAC systems to pause if a window is left open.

Tapo H200 – Smart IoT Hub with Chime $69
The hub acts as the central point for connecting and managing all your Matter-compatible devices via a single network. By facilitating seamless communication between devices, it helps enhance the reliability of device responses and enables comprehensive control of your smart home ecosystem.

Tapo C125 – AI Home Security Wi-Fi Camera $99
Equipped with AI technology, this Wi-Fi camera can distinguish between human and non-human movement, offering enhanced surveillance with real-time alerts. Boost home security with features like live video streaming, motion detection alerts, and the ability to check in on your home remotely.

Tapo P110M – Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitoring $29
This smart plug allows you to control any plugged-in device remotely, and it monitors energy usage. Turn devices on and off remotely, schedule operations, and monitor energy consumption to optimise energy usage and reduce costs.

Tapo L535E – Smart Light Bulb $22
This white light and RGB colour smart bulb can be controlled remotely and customised to fit almost any mood or occasion. You can schedule lighting to adjust according to the time of day, control bulbs remotely to simulate presence at home for security, or simply set the perfect ambiance for any moment.

Together, these products provide a comprehensive suite for automating your home, enhancing security, saving energy, and adding convenience and comfort to your daily life. Each component of the TP-Link Tapo Smart Home Automation Pack works together to create a smarter, more connected home environment.

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Enter now and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of a Matter automated home!