Windows 8 optimisation kick-starts with a free app

You know that phrase “there’s an app for that?” Well now we can say that about battery optimisation and Windows 8, because yes, there’s an app for that.

Launched as a free download by Iolo, the Winspresso optimisation app scans your Windows 8 computer for apps running idle that could be stealing some memory when they’re not doing anything.

Once found, the app releases the used resources and allows Windows 8 to function better, a result that aims to improve battery life while helping overall performance.

It’s available free for Windows 8 and Windows RT – yes, even people who bought a Microsoft Surface can grab it – and works with Iolo’s System Mechanic software, in case you’re interested in doing more than just free up resources and want to look at the total health of your computer.

Testing Winspresso on an Acer Windows 8 tablet we're reviewing