Five years ago, Microsoft Corp. entered the smartphone industry with one device through one mobile operator. Today, Windows Mobile® has more than 140 devices in the marketplace worldwide available from 125 mobile operators. Windows Mobile 6, the next iteration of the Windows Mobile platform, brings new features and tools to smartphones while still maintaining unrivaled flexibility, productivity and customisation.

The result: a more powerful smartphone that resembles the personal computer interface, but whose interface is designed to fit neatly on a mobile phone. New features in Windows Mobile 6 include support for rich HTML email, increased functionality within Microsoft® Office Outlook® Mobile and Office Mobile programs, and improved security and device management for IT managers.

Windows Mobile 6 also delivers advanced mobile communications, increased mobile productivity and optimised mobile business performance, with a consistent and familiar Microsoft software experience.

Advanced mobile communications

Mobile, delivering a more powerful mobile communications experience to the user:

  • Genuine Outlook Mobile experience through HTML support*

Windows Mobile 6 allows users to view e-mail messages the way the sender intended: with pictures, tables, links and formatting. It is the only mobile solution available to offer this experience.

  • Faster access to contacts and communities of people

Windows Mobile 6 helps users stay connected with their contacts and the communities they care about through improved collaboration with their corporate address book and Windows Live? services.

  • Searching Exchange Server 2007 for more efficient email management

Windows Mobile 6 allows users to communicate more effectively by automatically ?fetching? additional text when users scroll down messages and by implementing new features that can help improve the efficiency with which users can manage their inbox through searching of folders and sent mail.