Windows XP has one year of support left, time to move on

It has been over ten years since Microsoft released Windows XP, an operating system that evolved the Windows platform and experience considerably and even managed to stay as the preferred OS choice past its successor Vista until Windows 7 rolled along. Now, over a decade later, its support is coming to an end.

As the world struggles to deal with the design changes of Windows 8, many of which work best with the touchscreen-based computers arriving from the end of last year, Microsoft is reminding people that support for its older operating system, XP, is about to end.

According to StatCounter, there are still roughly 11 percent of computers in Australia running Windows XP, which is more than the six percent of people who stuck with Windows Vista, Microsoft’s less desired followup to XP.

In either case, Microsoft is now suggesting people upgrade to a newer operating system, as all support for Windows XP – including tech support and security updates – will be killed off on April 8, 2014.