Winter’s coming: have you changed the battery in your smoke alarm?

Every year, families in Australia lose loved ones to the danger of housefires. Because many fires break out while you’re sleeping, it’s important to change the battery in your smoke detector for the coming Winter.

As part of Smoke Alarm Awareness week, the Australian Fire Service is asking you to check your smoke alarm and change the battery.

Our very own GadgetGuy Peter Blasina is getting involved too. As the ambassador for the campaign, he’s encouraging all Australians to check their smoke alarms this week.

“Only working smoke alarms help to save lives, so we are strongly encouraging all Australian households to use the end of Daylight Saving or April Fool’s Day as a reminder to change their smoke alarm batteries,” Peter says. “It is especially important to replace batteries now as we move into the winter months, because the increase in usage of heaters and other electrical equipment leads to more house fires. Together with Duracell, our long-term campaign sponsors, our message is simple: only working smoke alarms save lives.”

If you don’t have a smoke alarm, make sure you get one. In Australia, smoke alarms are required in every home, carrying a $500 maximum penalty, not to mention the danger of losing your life in a fire.

For more information about how to install a smoke detector in your home, as well as tips on where to put one, head to the Change Your Battery website.