Wired up: making your house smart


Smart wiring is the key to having a smart home. But what is smart wiring, how does it work and how do you go about getting it? Kate Haycock finds out.

Smart wiring, or structured cabling, is the key to integrating all the wonders of modern technology into your home. Simply, structured cabling is the network of wiring that allows audio, video and data to flow around a home.

These wired system are often complemented by wireless systems within a home, and may integrate lighting control and automation systems, plus security and monitoring.

A central hub (switching box) receives all the ?services? from the street and then distributes them throughout different rooms according to control signals. The hub also takes all the various systems around the house and ensures they all work together well. Which, in a house with automated lighting, security, a home theatre, distributed audio and video, Foxtel, data-enabled telephones and more, can be quite a task.