Wireless cans ‘can’ backseat boredom

Long car trips with young kids can be a real headache, but incar AV systems can save you a pocketful of Panadol and, with many newer kits offering wireless headphones to avoid messy cables, spare you the inane Disney soundtrack as well.

These headphones, however, are typically built for adults, so they’re fairly heavy, bulky and don’t fit little noggins.

Kidz Gear wireless headphones are designed to keep your small fry happy. They’re lightweight, have uniquely-sized headbands and heavily padded ear-cups. They also switch-off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about draining the batteries unnecessarily, and there’s an independent volume control on the ear cup so that kids can make their own adjustments.

Based in the US, Kidz Gear says its wireless headphones should work with most IR-based incar AV systems, and with the purchase of the optional IR68KGTR wireless transmitter, can also be used at home.

The Wireless Car Headphones for Kids are available online for $US35 from Kidz Gear or from Amazon.