“Many argue that the unencrypted, intentionally open networks are ‘OK’ as they use a captive portal to register users. Unfortunately the standard user doesn’t recognise that major brand XYZ wireless is not encrypted and that their information can be picked up by anyone with $40 piece of equipment available on Amazon.”

How can you help avoid getting caught in this net?

One way is to make sure you’re using secure layers when using the web, such as using the HTTPS version of websites, and another way is to investigate a VPN.

While security software can help another computer from breaking into your own, it might also be wise to rely on your mobile connection for important information, such as checking your bank balance on the go, sending emails, and transmitting and critical documents or personal details. If you need to do this on a computer, share your mobile connection and secure it with WPA2 to make it harder for a warbiker to break.