Woo puts the headphone amp back in the box

Take a look at most headphone amps and they generally look fairly generic, either looking like a small rectangular box, or something a little slimmer. American company Woo Audio seems more intent on making the amp more box like, and yet pleasing to the eye.

A new amplifier is on the way for people who like to listen to music with big headphones, with Woo Audio delivering a headphone amplifier packing in a Class-A amp with a USB digital-to-analogue (DAC) converter, too.

The box is called the Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies, and when we say it’s a box, we’re not kidding.

See: it’s a box.

But rather than pack the electronics into a small box, Woo had thrown in a removable glass top with two vacuum tubes that’ll glow a warm orange to make it one of the few vacuum tube headphone amps we’ve seen, albeit one with USB tech thrown in.

We’re told that the audio is clear and that the USB port will bring songs into 32-bit sound, with software drivers included for Windows, as well as native support for Mac OS X.

As for pricing, you’ll find these available in select stockists shortly for $1529.