Woolworths offers inbound travellers a chance to buy milk before going home

You’ve flown off to a different state or country for business, and now you’re coming back and you don’t know whether there’s fresh milk at home for tea. Rather than go out shopping when you get back, Woolworths is trying a different solution, and Melbourne Airport is the first place to get it.

That solution is Australia’s first “click and collect” shopping service for travellers on their way back to Melbourne.

“We know that going to the supermarket after a family holiday, business trip or long day of travel can be a chore for many customers,” said Kate Langford, Head of Online Business Development for Woolworths Supermarkets.

“This service is a new way that we can help to make our customers’ lives that little bit easier by giving them a very convenient way to shop.”

The service works through the Woolworths Online grocery service, and basically ads Melbourne’s Airport terminal as one of the delivery locations, allowing inbound Melbourne travellers to grab their goods as their walking through the terminal forecourt between 9am and 9pm.

Currently, the service is in trial, with a representative for Woolworths telling us that this is giving the company “the opportunity to collect feedback about the service to make any necessary adjustments before looking to roll it out to other airport across the country.”

As for when other locations will materialise, that is anyone’s guess.