Woot, the English language is changing

It would seem that the English language is changing with the times, as modern words inspired by technology are added to the Oxford dictionary.

New to the latest edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary are the words “sexting”, “cyberbullying”, “retweet”, and “woot”.

You’ve probably heard of the first two, especially since they’ve been used several times in the media in connection with news stories taking place in schools.

“Sexting” is defined as sending sexually explicit photos digitally, usually through mobile phones.

Meanwhile, “cyberbullying” is exactly what it sounds like: bullying conducted over digital means, usually through social networking services such as Facebookor over email.

The latter two – “retweet” and “woot” – are specific Internet sayings, used on a daily basis by many net-addicted geeks.

If you’re not a fan of Twitter, chances are that you’ve never had a saying of yours retweeted and sent to the followers of someone else, but that’s exactly what a rewet was.

And then there’s “woot,” an exclamation of joy, happiness, or agreement. For most geeks, this is spelled “w00t”, but for the dictionary’s sake, we’ll have to settle with using the letter “o”. Woot.