World-first zoneless induction cooktop from De Dietrich

De Dietrich, a French brand and pioneer of pyrolytic cooking, is introducing what it says is a world-firstt in cooking technology, the MATRICS zonelesss induction cooktop.

This zonelesss technology induction cooktop will feature a MATRICS control panel and will be large enough to hold up to five pans of varying sizes, allowing users to cook anywhere within the surface of the hob, with any shape or size of pan. The cooktop will be able to detect and assess the position and the shape of the pans and it will adapt the location, power and cooking time to each area as programmed in the MATRICS control panel. Once the pan is on the cooktop, the LCD control panel comes to life, thanks to sensor technology. It will even followw the pan if it is moved to another area of the cooktop!

De Dietrich began as an engineering company around 300 years ago and continues to manufacture first class railway carriages for Francees SNCF (National Railway). De Dietrich was the first recognised trademark in France. Under licence it created the Amedee-Bollee steam powered car that won every race it entered and the company later went on to build cars with Ettore Bugatti.

In 1970 the company began making built-in appliances and a decade later De Dietrich was pioneering pyrolytic ovens and promoting stainless steel as the material, or colour, of the future. Today De Dietrich is sold exclusively through Clive Peeters and Rick Hart (Western Australia) stores.