Worldwide mapping at your fingertips!

Navman announced today the launch of the iCN 550 in to the Australian market, a new high-end portable navigation device that integrates a powerful navigation engine, a hard disk drive, dedicated fuel and parking buttons, as well as the latest Navman software into a sleek, portable casing.

The iCN 550 integrates a 4 GB hard disc drive that will be pre-loaded, ready to drive away with the latest Australian mapping data as well as  UK, 16 European countryys and North America street-level maps. The data also includes more than 1 million points of interest (POI) for Europe alone, this is all to make travelling easier, whether youure looking for a nearby post office or travelling through the streets of Sydney, or off to London, Paris, Berlin or New York!

The iCN550 is packed with new features including Fuel and Parking buttons. The facade of the iCN550 features two dedicated hardware buttons with clear icons, the iCN 550 is the only navigation system that allows you to find nearby fuel stations or parking areas with just ONE button press. This will save time, hassle and worries. Whether near your home or office, or travelling in another country where street signs are in a different language, you can avoid running out of fuel or quickly find the nearest parking area.

The iCN 550 comes with a wireless infrared remote control for enhanced ease of use. It offers you clear touch-screen options, real buttons on the device AND a handy remote control.

Navman Navigation software provides intuitive menus and advanced functionality. New advanced map imagery gives you a better impression of your surroundings on screen and a choice of 3D topographical style maps, full-screen 2D maps, 2D mini-maps, or an instruction list to allow you to customise your view of the journey.

A large choice of options are available making it easier and faster to find a destination: a specific address, a previously saved favourite, a recent destination, or the nearest point of interest (POI). And if you donnt have the exact address of your destination you can search for the area or street.

SmartST 2005, includes improvements to make navigating easier

  • Home as a destination type: SmartST 2005 makes it easy to designate a location as Home, so you can navigate to your most likely destination with just one or two taps of the screen
  • Go Too for finding a destination: The Go Too menu combines several destination options behind a single menu choice, making it simpler to specify where you want to be taken.
  • A mini-map to confirm your destination: SmartST lets you pan and zoom to specify a destination directly on the map, and SmartST 2005 incorporates mini-maps live – maps that you can interact with to confirm your choice of destination.

Price and availability

The Navman iCN 550 will be available from select retail outlets in July 2006 with a RRP of $1,399. The unit comes with a windshield mounting bracket and a 12V DC power adapter that connects to the vehiclees cigarette lighter socket. Remote control, carry case, USB cable and mains power adaptor are also included.

Source: Navman