WowWee Robotics RoboQuad: 4×4 home robot toy action


RoboQuad is modelled on earth arthropods appearing almost crab like in design but with amazing 4 x 4 movement capabilities. With a high quality vision system and advanced sensory awareness, this is a prototype of robotic space probes that humans will send to other galaxies in the not so distant future.

RoboQuad is a four-legged, intelligent robotic arthropod. Just like its insect, arachnid and crustacean brothers RoboQuad has extraordinary multi-directional movement capabilities and advanced sensory awareness. Equipped with a deep infra-red scanner and fast scanning head, RoboQuad?s sophisticated eyes can sense movement from up to 1.8 metres away!

This inquisitive, crab-like creature features a sleek outer shell, large rounded eyes, and uses its rotating legs, agile head and articulated neck to explore and navigate around obstacles. Featuring multicoloured flashing lights and funky sound effects, RoboQuad?s unprecedented mobility allows it to move in any direction. RoboQuad travels in a futuristic crawling motion, surveying its environment day or night! Able to detect the difference between dark and light, clever RoboQuad will turn on its head-mounted LEDs when faced with darkness!

The remote control has an 8-way directional pad, allowing it to move its legs together or individually and it even does routine checks to make sure each leg is in working order. RoboQuad is fully equipped with both dance and movement demos that showcase a remarkable range of motion!

RoboQuad is quite the character, with three controllable personality settings! You have the ability to manage its Awareness, Activity or Aggression levels which directly affect the way it reacts to your presence and objects nearby. Switch the Aggression level to high and RoboQuad will change from a shy robot into one feisty character! Turn its Activity level to high and you will have one quick and responsive robot on your hands! In Guard mode, RoboQuad becomes aware of its surroundings, looking and listening for any disturbances. Roboquad will then respond differently depending on the Aggression level to any sound or object within its Awareness range.

Roboquad can be directed by remote control or left in autonomous mode to explore its environment, scanning and avoiding obstacles on its own. Roboquad is completely programmable so you can plan specific walking or motion routines with a sequence of up to 40 commands for a complete interactive experience. Each time you give RoboQuad a program command, it will perform the move and make an affirmative sound.

To save your battery power, RoboQuad enters sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity and will automatically power down after 24 hours of being in sleep mode. RoboQuad requires 4 x C size and 3 x AAA size batteries (not included).


Roboquad is recommended for ages 8+.


$179 RRP. Distributed by Dorcy Irwin ? for more information phone 1800 244 543

Source: WowWee Robotics