WPNT834 Range Max 240 Wireless Router


As everyone in your home begins to stream more video, download more MP3s, back-up and synchronize files on networked storage, play online games, and make more internet phone calls – you place a greater demand on your home network. What you need is the speed to move content faster to everyone in your home without interruption and without wires.

Now you can with the RangeMax 240 Wireless Router (WPNT834), the first router to deliver wireless speeds as fast as your wired connection, up to 240 Mbps when used with RangeMax 240 Wireless Adaptors (WPNT511, WPNT121). And with Adaptive Channel Expansion (ACE) technology, the RangeMax 240 dynamically adapts to wireless interference to deliver the speed that your applications require on-demand. So whether you are streaming audio and video, uploading large files to your storage central, or just surfing the web, RangeMax 240 delivers the speed you need for today and beyond. Now the performance and quality-ofexperience once only associated with wired networks can be achieved in your wireless home.

Does your current wireless network cover your entire home? Today, most wireless routers are only able to ?listen? to one wireless signal at a time, the strongest one. If that signal is blocked or interfered with for example by a closing door, cordless phone, or your microwave oven, it can result in a wireless dead spot, cutting you off from your network. However, the RangeMax 240 is capable of ?listening? to multiple signals simultaneously, utilizing its advanced MIMO (Multi-Input, Multi-Output) technology. So if any one of those signals is disrupted, the RangeMax 240 automatically maintains your network connection, eliminates dead spots and extends your range throughout your home.

The RangeMax 240 Wireless Router and Adaptors are twice the speed of other MIMO products, and for the first time perform at virtually the same speeds of wired networks. In addition, it is fully compatible with your legacy (802.11b/g) equipment, in fact those legacy devices will experience up to 50% better performance – especially at long distances. The RangeMax 240 enables higher quality video streams, faster MP3 downloads, uninterrupted internet phone calls, and more efficient file sharing all with your existing equipment.

With  Netgear?s exclusive Touchless WiFi Security, you can rest assured that what happens on your network stays on your network. Touchless WiFi Security guides you through the simple set up of standards based wireless security, allowing you to securely connect all of your wireless clients, whether they are from Netgear or from another brand. The router?s powerful safeguard against unauthorized network access includes a double firewall, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPAPSK, and WPA2-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access – Pre-Shared Key).

Netgear?s SmartWizard also makes installation simple. SmartWizard automatically detects your ISP’s network settings then easily configures your router for optimal performance and security. You also are automatically notified on all product updates, so you will know your performance is always optimized. You are also backed by Netgear?s 24/7 technical support.


Tremendous throughput at short range but rapid speed decline over longer distances.

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Comes into its own in mixed-mode environments with extremely fast throughput rates. Three adjustable antennas. Shipped with a comprehensive user manual. Firewall security.
Speeds dropped off rapidly in the distance tests.