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Computers are commodities these days. Well, most of them are. But there are still models that stand out from the pack to the point where we’d be love to receive one as a Christmas present.

(Hint, hint!)

Here we suggest a few. And remember, if no one else is going to buy you a computer for Christmas, you could always consider giving yourself a very special present.

HP x2 Spectre 2017 – starts at $2299

Could HP produce a better Surface Pro than the Surface Pro? The 2017 model HP X2 Spectre comes with a great stylus – or active pen, however you like to call it – the latest Intel processor and a massively high resolution display.

And that stuff, along with a leather sleeve and detachable metal keyboard is included in the purchase price. Sound is provided by Bang and Olufsen speakers and wired connections are via USB Type-C.

And it looks great, finished in Dark Ash, with silver highlights.

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Samsung Galaxy Book 12 – starts at $1599

It was quite the surprise when Samsung’s premium tablet appeared, running not Android but Windows 10. We reckon that the Samsung’s Galaxy Book 12 is an ideal travel companion. We were particularly impressed with that speciality of Samsung, the HDR AMOLED display technology used in the 12 inch display, and with the blisteringly fast AC WiFi.

Along with the latest generation of processers, it comes with everything you need, including the detachable keyboard and S-Pen.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 – starts at $1199

It’s not a Surface Pro 5. Microsoft has gone for a gentler upgrade in 2017, so it scores only the year as a differentiator from what’s gone before. But this third of our group of high end Windows tablets still incorporates some eight hundred changes from the Surface Pro 4, including a kick stand that folds down flatter to facilitate the creation of artwork.

Some think it’s disappointing that the pen and keyboard are optional extras. Perhaps, but we think that they’d make great stocking stuffers.