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The good thing, and the bad thing, about mobile phones is that you can expect a life of about two or three years out of one. That’s bad because who doesn’t want their gadgets to live forever? But it’s good, because someone in your life likely needs a new phone for Christmas. And that solves the problem of what to get them,

Here are a few that have caught our attention recently.

Huawei Mate 10 smart phone – $899

Huawei has been challenging the most famous names in phones of late, and its latest is the Huawei Mate 10. It has Leica dual camera, QHD resolution on its big 5.9 inch screen, quite high end processor performance, and a USB Type-C dockability that turns a mere phone into a computing platform, from your pocket to your desk.

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iPhone X – from $1579

Well, derr, of course! If you can stretch your Christmas budget that far, and even if your loved one already has an iPhone, they’re going to love the upgrade to the iPhone X. It’s the future of smart phones as Apple sees it, and since Apple invented the whole smart phone thing, it may well be right. This is a personal present, too, since the iPhone X will recognise the face of your loved one.

We certainly love it. Gadget Guy looked at the iPhone X’s facial recognition here. We unboxed it here. And here were our first impressions.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 – $1499

But we also reserve a place in our heart for the Samsung Galaxy Note8. We regretted the untimely demise of the Note7, but we can put it behind us now. You’re going to have to look far and wide to find any stylus-based smart phone capable of touching the Note8.

Stocking filler: pop in the Samsung DeX dock ($199) and the phone becomes the heart of a desk top system, complete with Ethernet connection and HDMI monitor.

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Apple iPhone 8 – from $1079

No plans for a headphone jack! However, the speakers are now up to 25 percent louder and deliver deeper bass.

But if you can’t quite gather the moolah required for an X, how about an iPhone 8? A mere evolution, they say, from the iPhone 7. Which is a pretty good forebear from which to evolve. Amongst the capabilities it has evolved is wireless charging – a first for Apple.  But the main thing about an iPhone is, as always, it does its stuff consistently and smoothly, and works like a dream with other Apple things.

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