Xbox 360 drops its price across all bundles in time for the holidays

With Sony dropping the price of its PlayStation 3 console last month, Microsoft is now doing the same, attempting to undercut the competition with a $50 price drop on its Xbox bundles.

The base model Xbox 360 with 4GB of storage but no large hard drive sits at $249 from today, bundling in the black Xbox 360 we reviewed last year, a black wireless controller, standard definition composite A/V cable, and one month free on Xbox Live Gold.

Microsoft isn’t leaving the Kinect out in the cold either, as consoles bundled with the motion gaming controller receive the same $50 price drop too, making the 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect $399 and the 250GB Xbox 360 with Kinect now $499.

Kinect Disneyland Adventure will let you experience being inside a Disney movie as well as walking around Disneyland, when it arrives later this year.


New games are also on the way to take advantage of the Kinect, with a new sports title (Sports Season 2), Fruit Ninja, Dance Central 2, and a unique Disney experience on the way in Kinect Disneyland Adventures. While these titles won’t be in stores for a couple of months, Microsoft plans to show them off at major shopping centres across the country throughout September and October.

Special edition bundles aren’t affected by this price drop, however, leaving that Star Wars Xbox with white Kinect bundle at its $599 expected price tag.