xFyro ARIA, the world’s most advanced waterproof buds

xFyro ARIA
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xFyro ARIA is its latest waterproof wireless earbuds. ARIA takes its acclaimed xS2 buds to the next level.

The company has been selling IP67 waterproof buds since 2016. The 20,000+ sold have a reputation for almost the impossible – to transmit good sound in water. Well, at least while swimming, in the rain, during ultra-sweaty workouts and even in the shower.

xFyro is a team of engineers and audiophiles with a passion for creating amazing products that bring the best possible listening experience. When designing ARIA, it tested more than 200 different permutations of earbud design, charging case circuitry and composition, and Bluetooth chip choice to bring you what it believes are the best waterproof earbuds available.

xFyro Aria (website here) is more than an update on the xS2.

It uses Bluetooth 5.0 that means longer signal ranges (10 metres), auto-pairing, multi-point connections, higher volumes and low energy use.

It has

  • High-speed charging as well as emergency charge – 3 hours on 15 minutes
  • Eight hours play and total 32 hours charge (from charge case)
  • Buds magnetically attach in the charging case
  • Noise suppression and CVC noise isolation – the key to underwater listening
  • 16m drivers (Apple, Jabra, Jaybird and Bose use 5mm drivers)
  • Hands-free stereo calling from dual beamforming microphones
  • Lag free audio to match video play on a device
  • Choice of ear wings and tips for the perfect fit
  • Tap controls
  • Google and Siri compatible
  • IP67 rating (up to 1m for 30 minutes)
  • In-ear detection (to turn on/off)

It was released on Indiegogo and achieved 194% of its funding target in less than one day.

xFyro ARIAxFyro ARIAxFyro ARIAGadgetGuy’take – if you must listen to music when swimming then xFyro ARIA look good

GadgetGuy will be reviewing these soon. Initial tests show good bass, crisp mid-highs, and clear vocals.

While the unique selling proposition is IP67 these look like premium buds using later technology than any other bud currently available. Use them when dry as well.