XT100 is an affordable soundbar from a leading Australian audio brand

XT100 BlueAnt soundbar

Soundbars are one of the best and simplest ways you can instantly improve your TV’s audio. One of the latest entries in this popular category is the XT100 from Melbourne-based company BlueAnt, which has a rich history of delivering high-quality audio devices.

A 2.0 channel device, the soundbar supports Dolby Atmos to deliver a 3D cinema-like experience. You usually need a full surround sound setup to truly take advantage of Dolby Atmos technology, although soundbars can bounce sound off surfaces to make it feel like you’re experiencing it from various angles.

Built to enhance your media-viewing experience, the XT100 exists in the mid-range category to generate clear sound quality across different types of media. Whether it be movies, TV shows or sport, the soundbar has different equalisation settings to suit. Additionally, the XT100 houses various connection options including HDMI eARC, AUX, and Bluetooth 5.1, in addition to optical and USB playback.

Interestingly, there’s no standalone sub-woofer unit included with the XT100 – BlueAnt CEO Taisen Maddern is confident that the soundbar’s overall performance doesn’t even warrant it. He believes the device can fill a room with sound on its own, which is good news for those with limited space.

“Everything a subwoofer provides comes part and parcel with the XT100; simply put, it’s a beast, and it’s the affordable premium soundbar Australians have been crying out for,” he said. “We knew there was a need for a new player on the soundbar stage.”

“Australians don’t just want a soundbar that’s slightly better than a TV speaker and has no punch.”

Considering BlueAnt’s strong track record, it’s not unreasonable to take Maddern’s words at face value. The company’s range of Bluetooth speakers – including the X3, X4, and X5 – all impressed in review testing.

BlueAnt XT100 soundbar pricing and availability

At an RRP of $349, the XT100 comes in slightly cheaper than the Sonos Ray soundbar released earlier this year. You can order it from BlueAnt directly, via Telstra online, or through audio specialist retailers.

There are more BlueAnt devices coming, too, with various upgrades across the X series set to launch during the 2022 summer. This includes a new speaker in the coming months, one that will “blow people away” according to Maddern.

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