Yamaha AV receivers – all HDMI, all in-store now

With support for HDMI on all the 2008 range of AV receivers, the high definition era has certainly arrived at Yamaha.

Essential for the HD era, HDMI connectivity is the most exciting feature of this range. At entry level the RX-V363B/S features HDMI video switching. The HDMI Repeater on the RX-V463B/S, RX-V563B, RX-V663B (pictured above) and RX-V863B enables the ability to handle HD audio via Linear PCM when the decoding is done on the Blu-Ray or HD DVD player.

Packed with features, the RX-V363B/S includes HDMI Video Switching allowing the pass through of a full HD 1080p signal, with surround sound achieved through an extra digital audio connection. Delivering 100 watts of power for each of the five channels, YPAO calibration and two HDMI inputs, the RX-V363B/S certainly represents a value-for-money home theatre receiver.

Using similar architecture, the RX-V463B/S (105W x 5) adds functionality such as iPod and bluetooth connectivity through Yamaha’s proprietary dock connection, front USB connection and on-screen display. With a HDMI repeater capable of handling five channels of uncompressed PCM and 1080p video, HD at home has never been so affordable.

Two years in the making, the RX-V563B leverages the functionality and performance of both the RX-V363B/S and RX-V463B/S with some exciting new additions. As a 7.1 channel receiver with Component Video upconversion, zone 2 pre-outs, front USB and the capability of handling a 7.1 channel stream of uncompressed audio via PCM, the RX-V563B truly represents affordability, functionality and performance – all in one.

Next in the range, the RX-V663B (95W x 7) provides a professional standard of audio visual reproduction. Built-in decoders for the latest HD audio formats from Dolby and DTS Laboratories incorporated with HDMI version 1.3a and full HD 1080p support makes this a fully-fledged HD AV Receiver. Support for 24Hz/100Hz/120Hz refresh rates ensures the finest image transitions while Deep Colour, x.v.Colour support and deinterlacing (576i-576p) delivers vivid images to your HD panel. Proprietary Digital ToP-ART and Pure Direct technologies are Yamaha’s guarantee of high-grade parts and efficient circuit designs throughout. The RX-V663B also features HDMI upconversion, powered zone 2 and bi-amp facilities, all complemented by improved YPAO that automatically calibrates even the more complex configurations.

Yamaha’s RX-V863B (105W x 7) unleashes all the attributes of the RX-V663B with advanced video processing enabling full HD 1080p video upscaling from analogue sources. Connect your DVD player via component video and let the RXV863B upscale your standard definition DVD library to full HD! With extra power and three HDMI inputs, the RX-V863B represents performance and technology standards expected from Yamaha.

All new Yamaha receivers feature extended frequency response for both video and audio signals to ensure compatibility with current high definition formats. The range is supplemented with a special Compressed Music Enhancer to improve high and low response in portable music formats such as MP3 and WMA.

Highlighting Yamaha’s commitment to user friendly navigation, all receivers have Yamaha’s exclusive YPAO calibration system. YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Acoustic Room Optimiser) measures speaker size and capacity along with room and acoustic measurements to ensure the ultimate surround performance at the listener’s position. Simply connect the supplied microphone and begin the process for a finely tuned surround system. YPAO combined with Yamaha’s exclusive SCENE function that initiates commands such as system power on, input select and playback, transforms complex AV Receivers into a simple home entertainment device.


The recommended retail prices, including GST, for the new Yamaha receiver range are as follows:

  • RXV363B / RXV363S $499
  • RXV463B / RXV463S $699
  • RXV563B $899
  • RXV663B $1,099
  • RXV863B $1,599

Source: Yamaha