Yamaha TSX-100: iPod dock, CD player, alarm clock and AM/FM radio

Seems like every few decades we come full circle in this industry and there’s no better example of that than the Apple-inspired deluge of portable speaker solutions built for your iPod… or MP3 music player from some other brand.

So enters Yamaha Music’s TSX-100 desktop audio system which, getting back to the opening gambit on circular invention, looks exactly like one of those old Goblin Teasmaid machines that your Dad – or even you, if you’re old enough to remember that ‘Mad World’ was originally sung by Tears for Fears and not Gary Jules – that used to sit on your bedside table and, charmingly, wake you up at a predetermined time with a lovely, hot cup of tea.

Anyhow, the $499 Yamaha TSX-100 is an iPod dock, of course, but also a CD player, alarm clock and AM/FM radio, handling MP3, WMA, CD-R and CD-RW, chucking out 20 watts of quality sounds when it’s time for sleepy time to end. It also charges your iPod and comes with a remote.