You really need a BenQ WiT ScreenBar


If you have ever had a moment of “Why didn’t someone do that sooner?” you will with the novel and useful BenQ’s WiT ScreenBar. It will light up your life.

The BenQ WiT ScreenBar is an intelligent e-reading lamp that fits the top of most monitors. It creates no glare, it can auto-dim, and it is beautifully designed.

Now I have no idea what WiT means. There is no reference on the BenQ WIT ScreenBar website (here) – my best guess is White Illumination Technology, but finally, I found what it means right here on GadgetGuy’s website – Wide, Intelligent and Tailor-made. Oh well, those scrutable Taiwanese – we all know that BenQ stands for ‘Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to life!

Back to the WiT ScreenBar review.

I love it. Oh, you want more.

WiT ScreenBar

Technically it is a 45cm x 9cm black anodised aluminium round bar filled with a row of Dual colour LEDs that can adjust from 2700° Kelvin to 6500K. It has an elegant mount that fits most monitor tops and is powered by a USB port – preferably 5V/1A or greater.

Technically that does not begin to put a shine on the BenQ WiT ScreenBar

Somehow it does not create any glare on the screen like a typical light source does – don’t ask how because I don’t know.

WiT ScreenBar

It bathes an area of about 74cm wide and 35cm deep with an even light free of nasty, eye damaging blue or flickering PWM light. It has compliant with the European Union IEC/TR 62778 assessment as a risk-free light source.

WiT ScreenBar

The inbuilt sensor ensures the light is always at 500 lumens – the recommended office lighting level. At night when everyone else has gone home it will dim to 300 lumens – task light.

Now here is the fun stuff – it will adjust from a warm white to a cool white light too. Touch controls for power, auto dimmer, manual dimmer and hue adjustment are on the top of the cylinder.

WiT ScreenBar

The BenQ Wit ScreenBar is not cheap – there is a lot of technology in it. You can order it from any computer store that sells BenQ products for $159 from Amazon. BenQ also make a WiT e-Reading Desk and floor lamp that looks pretty smick too. A great Christmas gift for the person who has everything.

Value for money
Ease of Use
Beautifully made - it is a keeper
Does am amazing job reducing eye strain
Fits every monitor I tested it on
It will dent your wallet but you are worth it
For a single monitor - not a task light for dual monitors