All of the speakers we feature here in You Wish punch well above the weight of the average stereo system, and not just in terms of performance. Speakers actually weighing 100-plus kilos are the norm, but none go quite as far as the Arvus Prerenaissance.

Even before we get to performance, the sheer physicality of these speakers will take your breath away. Especially if you try to lift one, because it’s 2.25 metres tall and weighs 348 kg.

Arvus calls the Prerenaissance a quad-chamber, quasi five-way active DSP corrected loudspeaker system. It also uses Arvus’ trademark Hypacoustic technology.

Hypacoustic was originally developed for cinemas, because Arvus founder Matthew Simmons says, psychologically, audio makes its biggest impact in the first 100 milliseconds – and that’s precisely when most speakers distort.

In fact Arvus claims its loudspeaker systems engage people emotionally, and Hypacoustic technology has been so successful in the select New Zealand cinemas in which you’ll find it, it’s managed to drag people away from their DVDs and back into the matinees.

Let’s rock

Arvus-Prerenaissanc-two.j...But back to these amazing speakers. That the Prerenaissance intends to make a design statement should be obvious. Arvus says it took design cues from all the world’s beautiful machines: musical instruments, high-end sports cars (the Prerenaissance is often photographed alongside the Maserati Granturismo) yachts and their scientific keels, even the Coca Cola bottle.

And of course, from nature the female torso gets a nod.