Your best Wookie groan still can’t match this iPhone case

Australian fans of Star Wars will have a new way of protecting their iPhones with a new collection of limited edition cases designed to get the Wookie out of… well… them.

Announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, four cases will be coming to Australia, two of which are specifically for collectors.

There will be two Star Wars Saga Cases, each featuring different designs coming from the poster art of the original films.

Meanwhile, the Star Wars Collector Case series will offer a 3D look and feel of two specific characters: Chewbacca and R2D2.

If you grab the former of these, you’ll find a brown plastic case with a fuzzy brown back and a stylised plastic ammunition belt, just like the Wookie from the films. Meanwhile, R2D2’s case gets a stylised look featuring the shapes and markings on the droid from the movies.

Prices haven’t yet been announced for the cases, but you should find them coming to stores in Australia and New Zealand from late June.