Zephyr Pro

Zephyr Pro gaming mouse will blow you away (review)


Well, not literally, but the Zephyr Pro is the next iteration of the successful 2020 Kickstarter Project. It has refined the fan-in-the-mouse concept and made it even better.

Interestingly I still use the original Zephyr gaming mouse because it is so light, accurate and cool to use – that fan makes extensive mouse work a pleasure.

Zephyr Pro gaming mouse by Marsback

PriceUS$59 on special (RRP US$99) Matte white or black
Country of ManufactureChina
AboutMarsback (Est 2018) designs professional peripheral equipment and perfect solutions for game lovers, geek community and E-sports players.

What does Zephyr Pro do over Zephyr?

To understand fully, read our original review, Zephyr gaming mouse (review here 10/10). So how can you improve on a 9/10?

The two main areas significantly lowered vibration and changed the fan angle from 45° to 180° to reduce noise to <30dB.

Simple – we will let the image below show you.

Base specs – Zephyr Pro

  • Pixart 3389 sensor for more than 400 inches per second movement over 100-16000 DPI range.
  • OMRON switches for up to 50 million clicks
  • Press the button behind the scroll wheel for DPI settings. Buttons under for light pre-sets and fan speeds. Two left side buttons for macros
  • Slip feet >250km life
  • Perfectly symmetrical hand shape for left- and right-hand use
  • 131 x 65.7 x 40.5mm x 69g
  • Long 1.8m woven cable
  • On-board memory for seven pre-programmed effects and 16.8 million RGB via the app
  • Marsback Zephyr Pro Windows app configure the buttons to meet all any customization functions you want. It’s an easy way to try new mouse, key-bind, and macros to enhance your game.


Frankly, all we can do is use it as we have done for four weeks.

  • It is light to hold.
  • More precise and smooth than my ASUS Cerberus and Sensi mice and terrific for fine work.
  • Being cabled, there is no lag.
  • It is well proportioned to the adult human scale. Once you rest your palm on the back (over the fan area), the index and middle finger fit naturally over the left and right-click buttons (neutral pronation).
  • The width is perfectly proportioned to a typical adult male or female hand – not too wide.
  • The scroll wheel has pleasing haptic feedback for precise scrolling or push it down for free-form scrolling.
Zephry Pro Gaming MOuse
The perfect fan-in-the-mouse for hot-headed and handed gamers and extreme users.
Value for money
Ease of use
A nearly perfect predecessor made perfect
Well made to withstand gamer use
<30 dB quite
None really