Zoo Hospital for Wii here in late 2008

The future of the zoo is in your hands as Majesco Entertainment Company has announced Zoo Hospital for Wii. As a recent Veterinary College graduate, you must help your Aunt Lucy heal a myriad of exotic animals and save the once world-famous Zoo Hospital from a businessman’s bulldozer by attracting more visitors.

Zoo Hospital is the first game of its kind on Wii that lets players experience a veterinarian’s job. Players can use the Wii Remote in surgical procedures to eliminate parasitic pests, perform dentistry, X-ray organs and remove foreign bodies like gallstones to restore the health of 48 ailing zoo animals, including dolphins, gorillas, macaws and camels. Soothing and feeding each animal via intuitive gestures, while following up on post surgical patients in their enclosures is as important as precise operations, since happy, healthy animals increase the Zoo Rating which in turn affects the number of visitors patronising the zoo.

Zoo Hospital allows players to experience a 3D zoo environment and enables up to 2 friends to treat animals together in cooperative multi-player mode. Aspiring vets can also unlock new animals, enclosures, medical mini-games, and plaques by successfully performing procedures and raising the Zoo Rating.


Already a popular title for Nintendo DS, Zoo Hospital for Wii is developed by Torus Games and is expected to launch in Australia and New Zealand in late 2008.

Source: Atari