ZTE shows off at MWC 2018


ZTE used the Mobile World Congress to show off its foldable dual-screen Axon M, The Blade V9, and a next-generation 5G smartphone with downloads of 1.2Gb/s.

A word of caution. Not all ZTE products make it to Australia and Mobile World Congress is all about emerging technology.

The Axon M has received notoriety as creating the first real foldable smartphone category.  Rumours are that Samsung and others will follow suit next year.

GadgetGuy has an overview of this epoch making product here.

The Blade V9  is its first 5.7”, 18:9, 83.6% screen-to-body ratio, Invisium screen.

The Blade is a value series, and the V9 has a Qualcomm 450, 3/32GB/microSD, dual 16/5MP cameras, a ‘Super night solution’, 8MP selfie, facial ID and fingerprint, AR maker, dual speakers, a 3.5mm audio jack and Android GO (8.1). US pricing is $250.

ZTE Mobile Devices showed off a 5G Smartphone that can support download speeds up to 1.2 Gbps.

It envisions a 5G mobile future in which smartphones can see, hear, think, and understand consumers. It is currently researching six areas of artificial intelligence: mobile computing, image recognition, speech recognition, machine learning, data security, and content generation.

GadgetGuy’s take – ZTE shows off innovation

ZTE has made a name for itself with solid hardware at incredibly low prices. We were very impressed with its Dolby Atmos, OLED screened Axon 7, and it makes the Telstra Tough Max 2 .

You should watch this brand – it may be a household name soon.