“Awful” Fetch TV 3.30 update leaves users furious

Fetch TV 3.30 update response

The recent Fetch TV 3.30 platform update has left users frustrated and angry, with some people labelling the user interface (UI) overhaul a “mess”.

Earlier in the month, Fetch TV rolled out an update aimed at making it easier to find content across different streaming platforms. Labelled the 3.30 Acacia update, it’s available on all Fetch TV boxes, excluding the Gen 2 model. As part of this update, a revised “Ways to Watch” menu now displays where you can watch various shows and movies.

Not everyone is pleased with the update, however. Since the update launched on Fetch TV devices nationwide, criticism on social media has flowed freely. Commenters on the brand’s Facebook page, even on posts unrelated to the update, are not happy. Even our original coverage of the new UI received several comments labelling the software “awful” and filled with bugs.

Fetch TV 3.30 update gone wrong

Reading the responses left on Fetch’s social media channels, several recurring points emerge. Several people complained about now requiring more clicks and menu navigation to access content, which is seemingly against the discovery-based intentions of the Fetch TV update. Some reported issues accessing recorded content, accusing the company of abandoning PVR functionality in favour of streaming. Another commenter bemoaned the lack of communication around the update, with others requesting the ability to roll back to a previous version of the platform.

In response, Fetch issued a statement on Facebook thanking users for their feedback in recent weeks, acknowledging not everything resonated with customers. To put a pop culture spin on things, the post referenced the “Burn Book” from the popular 2004 comedy film Mean Girls.

Thank you to our customers for sharing your feedback on the recent update to Fetch. We understand it’s a big change, and that some of you may have added Fetch to your Burn Book in the past week or so. It was definitely not our intention to upset you, and we hope that once you get used to the changes and learn more about the new features that you will love Fetch again.

Before making this change we did lots of research on the best entertainment platforms around the world. We did user testing of different elements along the way to help us decide what was the best approach.

That said, we recognise that we didn’t get everything right for every customer and we are listening to your feedback. We will action the things we know we can make better, for example we are already working on some updates to the new recordings area. We’re also looking into the issue with the update not working on some specialist universal remotes. There will be more tweaks made in other areas once we consider feedback over the next few weeks.

This week we will be doing a series of posts about the features of the new interface, to help you learn how it works. We’ll give you tips on how it makes it easier for you to access the things you have been watching, find new things to watch, and find the way to watch that is best for you.

Fetch statement on Facebook

The brand also directed users to the 3.30 Acacia release notes and quick start guides for further information. Fetch customers can also contact the company via its official contact page for any technical issues or questions.

An update to the update

More recently, Fetch shared another development on social media, this time communicating some tweaks to the Fetch TV platform. Based on feedback, the “My Stuff” section now provides quicker access to free-to-air and catch-up apps like 7Plus and 9Now.

“We were able to make this update without additional technical development,” the Facebook post reads. “Some of the other improvements (to recordings and other things) will take more time.”

An exact timeline for further improvements is currently unknown. We’ve contacted Fetch for an official response and will update this story once we know more.

Despite a well-intentioned platform update, Fetch has a challenge ahead of it to win back some customer goodwill.

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