Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s competitions, reviews, or even how many Hawaiian shirts The GadgetGuy has, you should find an answer here.


On occasion, a vendor will give us product that, after review, may be used as a prize. Competitions are only open to registered readers (Gadget Grapevine) with an Australian mailing address.

We may ask you a series of questions that can only be answered by visiting a specified website, or it may be more creative, or skill based – “Tell me in 25 words or less.”

GadgetGuy’s decision is final, and if you win a competition we will contact you! If we are unable to contact you by the method you nominate within seven days, we will ‘re-draw’.

Prize fulfilment may be direct from the manufacturer or GadgetGuy. In the latter case, that product may have been reviewed (and hygienically cleaned), and any remaining warranty is the manufacturer’s responsibility.

I want to talk to The GadgetGuy!

We do not encourage callers even though our contact information is published on the contacts page. While we would love to talk, we have a few hundred thousand monthly readers, and we need to be reviewing and publishing, not yacking!

Leave a comment

There is a comment form at the end of each article. You must log-in with a valid email address that is not published.

All comments are placed on hold and moderated daily by GadgetGuy staff who may approve or trash at their sole discretion. A comment will be trashed if it is personal or wildly inaccurate.

Moderators can see your IP and email address. Under a non-disclosure agreement, no personal data will be shared with a third party less a legitimate request is made by law enforcement.

If you ask a question about an article, we will endeavour to promptly answer it. A lack of response may indicate we are flat-out or unable to find the answer. Readers are encouraged to add their comments or responses to other comments.

Who is Peter Blasina – the original GadgetGuy?

Peter started the Hawaiian shirt tradition that is reflected in our logo. He is brave enough to own and wear lots and lots of shirts, and all 72 are different.

Despite what many believe, the shirts are not from Hawaii but are instead made right here in Australia. The patterns are more than just flowers and plants, some featuring video games, robots, and cars.

So who is Val (Valens) Quinn, Channel Seven Sunrise GadgetGuy?

Val has been at GadgetGuy for over a decade and took over from Peter to handle on-air appearances. He is happily married, of Canadian descent, a Gen X, and one of the best tech writers around. He travels extensively to international and national tech trade shows and events.

Val is CEO and the major shareholder of the GadgetGroup. Established in 1994, it is a specialist content agency and creative studio that helps innovative brands engage with customers and reach audiences. With expertise in Digital, Point of Sale, Video, Mobile, Asset Management, Social and Custom Content, the Gadget Group excels at delivering specialised complex and technical stories to a savvy, sophisticated consumer.

Do you charge vendors for reviews?

Absolutely not, no, nix. nada, nyet… Can we be any clearer?

Our usual modus operandi is vendors offer us products to test for up to four weeks and return the product.

We have a written review policy – the relevant part states

  • A Review is a hands-on, real world, test conducted in accord with the normal advertised, fit for purpose use, but not necessarily any fine-print, end-user licence agreement (EULA) or disclaimers.
  • Provides readers with information about the product based on the Reviewer’s independent, genuine experience and may include a subjective purchase recommendation, star or numerical rating, comparisons with similar products, critiques, suggestions for ideal use, and more.
  • Publication is not dependent on payment for advertising – Review is solely on merit.

We acknowledge that on occasion a vendor may gift us the product after a review and we may use it for a readership competition or re-gift it to impoverished GadgetGuy staff.

Our income comes from ethical advertising on the website and select sponsorships (mainly to attend events).

I just want free products. Can I “review” products for you?

No, you can’t review products for us. Our team of technology journalists and product reviewers are experienced and help us to offer the selection of fact validated news and reviews.  We also use a strict regimen to review products. We call it a paradigm (developed for each category of product), and it removes personal bias etc.

You haven’t written about something I want to read about!

If we haven’t written about something you just have to know about – drop us a line and tell us what you want to read. We’ll get onto it and try to have something on that topic as soon as we can!