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Cheapest SIM plans – October 2021

Cheapest SIM plan

Are you looking for the best value or cheapest SIM plans? Gadget Guy has done the searching for you. If you don’t understand what a SIM-only mobile plan is, look at this previous article, A guide to SIM-only Mobile.

Gadget Guy plans to publish each month what we believe to be the best value mobile plans to be had without bundling a handset. This is about saving you money, and unlike other websites, we receive no money for recommending plans.

Each time you change your service provider, you will need to add a new SIM. The table below’s prices include that new SIM and should also include free shipping to your address.

Irrespective of which services provider you go with, the actual phone calls and data will be carried on one of three carrier networks Optus, Telstra or Vodafone. What will be different is the coverage you receive. Each service provider/carrier does not necessarily have the same coverage. For, E.g. A service provider who uses Telstra as a carrier may not get 100% of Telstra coverage even though they use the Telstra network. Check the service providers coverage maps before signing up

Phone number portability

The SIM change over process takes about 10 minutes of your time. You will receive instructions to visit a web site, provide your details, prove your identity (online) and then insert your new SIM. Note you will have a choice to migrate your existing mobile number or choose a new one. About 15 minutes later, you should be up and running. However, the documentation will indicate it may take up to 24 hours and be affected by working hours.

One last tip is if you purchase a 12month SIM plan with a fixed data rate, don’t panic about running out of data because if you do, just buy a new SIM with the best deal that suits you at that time. Plans these days are about data, and almost all offer unlimited talk and text. Thus pay attention to the cost per GB column.

Best Value or Cheapest SIM Plans for your mobile

Company – October 21Unlimited National calls & textData includedPeriodInternational callsCost Cost/mth  Cost/GB other expires
Coles (Optus)Yes60GB/yr12mthsUnlimited 15 destinations$95 $     7.92 $     1.58Instore only12-Oct
Coles (Optus)Yes120GB/yr12mthsUnlimited 15 destinations$119 $     9.92 $     0.99Instore only12-Oct
Catch (Optus)Yes120GB/yr12mthsNone$120 $   10.00 $     1.00cashrewards 
OptusYes100GB/yr12 mthsNone$150 $   12.50 $     1.50  
Woolworths (Telstra)Yes100GB/yr12 mthsNone$140 $   11.66 $     1.4010% off one shop a month  
Woolworths (Telstra)Yes145GB/yr12 mthsNone$180 $   15.00 $     1.2410% off one shop a month 12-Oct
Lebra (Vodafone)Yes150GB/yr12mths50min/mth to Zone1$150 $   12.50 $     1.00360 days not 365 
Boost (Telstra)Yes260GB12 mths$300 included$300 $   25.00 $     1.15cashrewards 
ALDI (Telstra)Yes480GB12mth 2 usersunlimited 15 destinations$540 $   45.00 $     1.132 sims to share data 
ALDI (Telstra)$5 credit0GB1 mthNone$5 $     5.00 NA $0.05 per MB 
Dodo (Optus)Yes0GB1 mthNone$5 $     5.00 NA 3Gb for $10/mth 
Felix  (Vodafone)Yesunlimited1mthNone$35 $   35.00 NA 50% off first 3 months7-Oct
Amaysim (Optus)Yes10GB/7 days7 days42 countries$10 $   43.00 $     1.00short term 7 days plan 
Southern Phone (Optus)Yes2GB/mth6mths then $10None$7.50 $     7.50 $     3.75cashrewards31-Oct
Internode (Vodafone)Yes16GB/mth6mths then $25None$12.50 $   12.50 $     0.78  
iiNet (Vodafone)Yes120Gb/mth6mths then $30None$15 $   15.00 $     0.13Bonus 80GB/mth for 6 mths 
Moose (Optus)Yes20GB/mth12mths then$24None $ 16.80 $   16.80 $     0.84240GB for 12 months 
Circle (Optus)Yes100GB/mth12mths then $38None$28 $   28.00$0.28cashrewards7-Oct