Starlink-powered Telstra satellite home internet costs less, now live

Telstra satellite home internet starlink launch
Image: supplied.

Satellite home internet is now live with Telstra via a partnership with Starlink, expanding Australia’s internet connectivity options.

Following last year’s announcement about Telstra and Starlink’s alliance, the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite internet is now available for home customers. Aimed mainly at Australians living in rural areas, the service connects via satellites orbiting Earth within 160 and 2,000 kilometres.

LEO satellites are said to provide a better quality connection for voice and video calls than other satellite technology. As the name suggests, the reduced distance of the satellites helps reduce latency.

How fast is Telstra Starlink Satellite Home Internet?

Although many NBN plans provide close to gigabit speeds, satellite internet is slower, reflecting the wireless nature of the connection. Telstra estimates that its Starlink-powered Satellite Home Internet reaches 50Mbps download speeds during peak periods, complemented by 10Mbps uploads. It’ll also come with unlimited downloads, so no worries about capped data.

How much does it cost?

For Telstra Satellite Home Internet, you’re looking at $125 per month, which is cheaper than going direct through Starlink. If you sign with the satellite company directly, it costs a $139 monthly fee.

There is another up-front cost, however. You also need a Starlink Kit, priced at $599, which includes the antenna dish that picks up the signal. With Telstra, the kit also comes with the brand’s Smart Modem to supply 4G backup when needed.

It’s an expensive outlay, especially when some of the cheapest NBN plans start at $60 per month for similar speeds. However, for rural Aussies, Satellite internet is the only viable option, so it’s good to see more options.

Optus is also working with SpaceX, the company behind Starlink, to provide more mobile connectivity later this year. For now, you can check out the full details on Telstra’s website, with its Starlink Satellite Home Internet available to order now.

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