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Dyson EV project

Dyson EV project is no more

The ambitious Dyson EV project (electric vehicle project) is no more - the founder says it is no longer commercially viable. (more…)...
Volvo S60

Australian Launch – Volvo S60

Barossa Valley – 11 September 2019 – Volvo Australia has released its latest sedan, the Volvo S60, with a lush drive through the South Australian countryside f...
Nissan Z

Around the track with Nissan Z

Yes, I get it. The future is the EV – Electric Vehicle. Nissan get’s it too, being a leader on that front. But fifty years ago it was a leader on another front...
Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF – On the Road

Wednesday 10 May 2019, Melbourne Airport – I arrived a little late, thanks to high winds closing down most of the runways at Tullamarine. But even so, as I ste...
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Epson F1

Epson technology races ahead

While Epson is best known for making printers, there’s a lot more happening under the bonnet, so to speak. You might have even noticed the Epson logo streak pa...