Laser’s $169 wireless CarPlay & Android Auto adapter looks handy

Laser wireless Apple CarPlay adapter

Drivers want smarter cars, which is why there’s increasing demand for devices like a wireless CarPlay adapter or an Android Auto dongle. These platforms make it easy to safely use your phone’s features while driving without taking your hands off the wheel. Older cars don’t include native smartphone integration, which is an issue Australian tech brand Laser wants to solve with its newest device.

Supporting both Apple and Android platforms, the Navig8r CarPlay and Android Auto Touchscreen is an adapter with a seven-inch display that smartens up your ride. With support for Siri and Google Assistant, you can use either voice commands or touch controls to use popular apps like Google Maps and Apple Music safely while driving. For obvious safety and legal reasons, you don’t want to be fussing around with your phone to find directions or make a call. This unit lets you do so without touching your phone, putting the focus back on the road ahead.

Seamless integration with phones and car infotainment systems has become increasingly important to car buyers in recent years. Data from Straits Research shows that nearly 80% of buyers consider Apple CarPlay or Android Auto must-have features in a new car.

Several devices, like the Motorola MA1 and Amazon Echo Auto, provide similar functionality but don’t include a screen, relying on existing infrastructure. You can also retrofit your existing car’s infotainment unit with a CarPlay or Android Auto-compatible unit but it can cost hundreds of dollars. The Navig8r device, on the other hand, costs a reasonable $169.

Navig8r wireless CarPlay & Android Auto adapter release date

Out now, the Navig8r Portable Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Touchscreen adapter is available at various retailers including Harvey Norman and Big W. An add-on Navig8r Reverse Camera is also available for $29.95, giving you 720p footage of what’s behind the car when backing out.

Just in time for summer holidays too, Laser Managing Director Chris Lau believes the Navig8r Portable Wireless Touchscreen is the perfect companion for upcoming road trips.

“We see this as a hands-free extension of your phone, great for gifting and ideal to make any ‘dumb’ car a smart one,” Lau said. “It also continues our ongoing commitment to deliver such a compelling option that is well under $200.”

Considering that the current tough economic situation makes it difficult to upgrade to a smarter car, this promises to be a decent solution. Competitively priced and compatible with both major phone operating systems, this touch-enabled console looks to fill a growing demand.

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