You could own Maverick’s Top Gun flight helmet, thanks Laser!

Top gun flight helmet

If you haven’t seen Tom Cruise’s new Top Gun: Maverick film, you might have at least heard that it’s a big hit. We were lucky enough to have an advanced screening earlier this week thanks to local Aussie tech company Laser.

While we won’t spoil it for you, the latest instalment takes you back to the Top Gun flight school where Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is tasked with teaching a new batch of the ‘best of the best’ how to win an impossible mission. Cue lots of nostalgic moments with a big helping of Hollywood cheese, Top Gun: Maverick will take you back to its 1986 glory days but has plenty to offer a new generation of movie goers. The fighter jet cinematography is arguably the best of its kind, with director Joseph Kosinski drawing you into the dogfights with amazing areal footage, up close cockpit action and chest rumbling afterburners. Definitely worth a watch, but see it in a cinema, as this film begs for a huge screen and a massive surround sound system.

Top gear for a lucky Top Gun

Best of all, thanks to an exciting partnership with Paramount, Laser is giving Top Gun fans the chance to win a rare and highly collectible Maverick flight helmet and Jet Fighter experience!

This is a major marketing partnership with one of the world’s biggest movie studios for one of the year’s most anticipated movies, so to say we are excited about our involvement in this blockbuster would be quite the understatement.

Chris Lau, Managing Director of Laser Co.

In addition to the major prize, a wide range of limited-edition movie merchandise is also part of the prize pool, so all you need to do is purchase any Laser product in retail throughout May and then enter the competition via the Laser website. All Laser products will also be branded with movie imagery and competition information, and you can find Laser products in electronics retailers all across Australia.

Laser has a massive range of products including batteries, speakers, smart plugs and more

Laser is a true home grown success story and started selling floppy disks out of Surry Hills 35 years ago. The company has grown dramatically and now sells a huge range of affordable tech including smart home appliances, IT peripherals, speakers, headphones, security cameras, power banks, cables, chargers and a whole lot more.

Be sure to pick up a Laser product, enter and best of luck!