The GadgetGuy Story is Australia’s leading, oldest (mid-90s) and largest (500k unique monthly readers) consumer lifestyle/technology ‘demystifyer’. Simply put, GadgetGuy is all about how to choose and use electronics and technology. We cover everything from computers to coffee makers and help you to avoid those lemons out there!

GadgetGuy focuses on Australian lifestyle/technology news and reviews. If it is not available here or does not have local support, we won’t cover it. We are one of, if not the last, Australian deep-dive review sites. We test every manufacturer’s claim and make 100% independent recommendations.

One thing GadgetGuy won’t do is simply regurgitate international news feeds

Every article is carefully curated and researched for accuracy. And if it is simply a press announcement (that we think our readers need to know), it is tagged as such. We take pleasure in presenting the facts – not the marketing hype.

The original GadgetGuy

Peter Blasina was the original Hawaiian shirt-wearing GadgetGuy. Pete has since taken a few steps back to enjoy retirement. The crown has passed to Theory of Invention CEO, Val Quinn.

Peter Blasina
Peter has been in tech for a long time

A lot has changed over the past 25 years

For starters, the internet was just an academic ‘tool’ in the early ’90s. Now it is an inextricable part of our lives. Smartphones were unheard of, now they outnumber our global population. The pace of change has gone from years to scant months as technology becomes an integral part of our lives.

To keep up to date with these changes, the GadgetGuy team travel extensively to international conferences and trade shows. We write and speak on the rapidly changing landscape of technological innovation and its impact on business and consumers.

Most importantly, we regularly review and analyse a broad range of lifestyle tech.

GadgetGuy’s Val Quinn is also a regular tech presenter and Channel Seven’s Sunrise breakfast programs resident tech expert. So keep a lookout for him!