Speedier Cupra Born VZ EV coming to Australia with 570km range

Cupra Born VZ Australia
Image: supplied.

Faster and comfier, the Cupra Born VZ electric vehicle has been confirmed for a release in Australia, following the success of the Spanish brand’s fully electric debut last year.

Building on the original Born model, the VZ adds more power, distance, and customisation to the zippy hatchback. It’ll include 240kW of power and 545Nm of torque, respective increases of 40% and 75% over the base Born. It’s apt, considering Cupra chose the name “VZ” to reference the Spanish word for fast, “veloz”.

Other improvements include newer DCC Sport suspension technology and stiffer feeling brakes. More customisable regenerative braking also features in the Cupra Born VZ. On the steering wheel, you can choose between three different regenerative braking settings, each providing different levels of deceleration.

This should help provide more flexibility for your driving preferences. As a first-time EV driver, the strong regenerative braking of the 2023 model made taking the foot off the accelerator feel like stepping on the brakes, which took some getting used to.

As for range, Cupra claims the Born VZ travels up to 570km on a single charge. It’s a decent jump up from the 2023 car’s 511km estimated range, already decent for a hatchback EV.

Owned by Volkswagen Group, Cupra has an interesting strategy in Australia. Having recently sold its 1,000th Born here, it’s looking to carve out a niche as opposed to dominating the market, according to the company’s local director, Ben Wilks.

“Cupra is a growing brand with no ambition to be a volume player – loved by a few rather than liked by many is our mantra,” Wilks said. “Cupra’s journey in this country to date proves that Australians have a taste for the new and the progressive, especially in the form of a brand that emphasises design and driving dynamics.”

Cupra Born VZ price and release date in Australia

Concrete details are yet to be confirmed, but the new EV is expected to arrive in Australia by “early 2025”. There’s no word on price yet, either. As an indication, the 2023 Cupra Born started at $59,990. For now, stay tuned to the manufacturer’s official website for more details.

There’s a lot of competition in the electric hatchback space, and it’s only growing. Both the MG4 Excite 51 and BYD Dolphin Dynamic launched in Australia midway through 2023 at prices under $40,000. In 2023, EVs made up 8.45% of new car sales in Australia, up from 3.81% in 2022, according to the Electric Vehicle Council.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about the time I drove Cupra’s sporty electric hatchback. It may be out of my price range, but one can dream.

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