5K footage comes to Uniden dash cams for the first time

Uniden dash view 60 plus cams

Expanding its range of dash cams even further, Uniden has launched a whopping five new models in Australia, including the brand’s first 5K resolution device.

Aimed at both recreational and professional drivers, the suite of dash cams ranges from the high-end Dash View models to the affordable iGO Cams. Not just for making viral compilation videos on YouTube, the Uniden dash cams provide a clear view of your car’s exterior and interior, handy for both personal safety and recording evidence should an accident happen.

Depending on the model, and your budget, each unit comes with a different set of specs suited to different use cases. Do lots of night driving for work? You’d probably want a Dash View, given the better low-light sensitivity. Or if the basics suit you just fine, the iGO Cam might do the trick.

Dash View 60+ gives crystal-clear footage

At the more premium end of the scale, the $399.95 Dash View 60+ sports Uniden’s latest tech. Housed within its small frame is a 5K resolution camera that captures a wide 150-degree field of view.

Equipped with Sony Starvis sensors, the high-end model is said to handle dim lighting with ease. Regardless of whether you’re driving in bright daylight or dimly lit dusk hours, the 60+ dash cam should clearly capture your surroundings.

When you want to watch your front and back, the Dash View 60R includes two cameras: a 4K dash cam plus a 2K rear camera. As one would expect, you’re paying more for the dual-camera array, with a price of $499.95.

Uniden Dash View 60R
Covering your front and back, the Dash View 60R includes both a dash cam and a rear camera.

Rounding out the new Dash View series of Uniden dash cams is the $429.95 40R model. Aimed at taxi and Uber drivers, it ships with three cameras: one for the dash, another to record cabin footage, and a rear camera to provide full coverage.

Uniden’s Dash View cameras make ease of sharing a core feature. Each unit supports Wi-Fi connectivity and an app so you can check your recordings quickly and easily. You’d be justifiably annoyed if an SD card didn’t come included in this price range. Fortunately, the Dash View cams do indeed come with one, giving you 64GB of storage.

To further assist with any incidents, these dash cams also wield GPS units, which also help give you speed and red light camera warnings.

Affordable Uniden dash cam range

Also serving those who don’t need all the bells and whistles, Uniden’s new iGO cameras include the 35 and 45R models.

Equipped with a larger three-inch LCD colour screen and a rear camera, the iGO Cam 45R’s main dash cam records 2K footage at a $179.95 price. Meanwhile, the iGO Cam 35 includes just one camera, which records in Full HD quality. Its screen comes in a smaller two-inch size, but it’s a reasonable trade-off considering the entry-level model’s attractive $99.95 price tag.

Uniden iGO 45R dash cam
Everything included with the Uniden iGO 45R.

Of the two new iGO Cams, the 45R appears to offer the most value by sheer weight of features. Other than the included rear camera, it also supports Wi-Fi data transfer and location tagging of footage via GPS. Keep in mind that neither model includes an SD card in the box. They use Micro SD cards, which are fairly cheap to source.

In an ideal world, none of us would need dash cams, but it doesn’t hurt to be too safe. With the latest Uniden dash cams, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Most of the range is available to buy now, with online listings including all the details.

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