Cheapest Vodafone SIM-only plans: save on your phone bill

Vodafone SIM-only plans

Are you re-assessing your current phone plan? Whether due to price, coverage or service quality, it’s worth routinely checking if your current plan works for you. Many Vodafone SIM-only plans recently increased in price, so it’s worth comparing to get the best deal.

Owned by TPG Telecom, Vodafone’s mobile network reaches 96% of Australians, making it the third largest in the country behind Optus (98.5%) and Telstra (99.5%). Depending on where you live, a Vodafone SIM-only plan could be a cost-effective option compared to the larger telcos. If a proposed network-sharing deal goes through, Vodafone’s coverage could soon expand up to 98.4%.

To compare all of your phone options, check out the cheapest SIM plans from all carriers, the best Telstra SIM-only plans, and the most affordable Optus SIM plans. When considering your phone bill, it’s also worth seeing if you can save on home internet by comparing the cheapest NBN plans.


Cheapest Vodafone SIM-only plans

At $49 a month, the cheapest postpaid Vodafone SIM-only plan undercuts Telstra’s equivalent by a decent margin. It comes with a 50GB monthly data allowance and there are no excess data fees. Once you hit your limit, your download speeds simply drop to 2Mbps.

Students also get unlimited international calls to zone one countries, while everyone else can add international minutes starting from $5.

A cheaper alternative is the $35 prepaid plan, although it operates on a 28-day cycle instead of monthly. You do get $5 off by opting into automatic recharging, which is a nice sweetener. This plan includes 25 GB of data and 500 minutes of international calls to Zone 1 countries.

Cheapest MVNO SIM-only plan using Vodafone

Want to save the most money? Here’s where you’ll find the cheapest plans. There are some great prepaid SIM-only plans on the Vodafone network, with TPG leading the way.

TPG offers half-price plans for the first six months, with some decent data allocations to boot. You can get 12GB of monthly data for just $10, while only a few dollars more nets you as much as 45GB. TPG also operates on a monthly recharge cycle, providing a bit extra value than the 30-day products. For an extra $5 a month, you also get international calls to 37 countries like New Zealand and the UK.

Lebara and Felix are also decent prepaid options, offering reasonable non-discounted prices. Lebara also includes some international calls, starting with 300 minutes on its Extra Small Plan.

Postpaid Vodafone MVNO SIM-only plans start from $10 a month from iiNet, a promotional offer lasting six months. Kogan may not discount super frequently but its low prices are hard to argue with, starting at $15 per month.

What you need to know about SIM plans

SIM-only plans make it easy to use your existing phone and number, too. You can purchase one online or in-store and pop it into your device once ready. Or, if you have a modern phone compatible with eSIM technology, there’s even less manual handling involved.

Before you commit to any network, check the coverage map published on a company’s website to ensure it services your area. Vodafone’s coverage map indicates widespread metropolitan service, so it’s mainly regional areas you need to consider.

There are also companies like iiNet and Kogan that sell low-cost SIM-only plans using the Vodafone network. Referred to as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), these companies offer comparatively cheap mobile services minus some of the perks you get by being a Vodafone customer.

Unlimited calls and text messages are par for the course these days, so the main factor driving prices is data allowances. It’s where you can save the most money, too. On average, Australians use 12.8 GB of phone data every month, according to figures from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). There’s no point paying more for data you don’t use.

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